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Practice Areas


Our experience includes businesses of different sizes and categories, from the commercial branch, professional societies, corporations, individuals, construction companies, attorneys, doctors, manufactures, non-for-profit organizations, services of health, real estate, farmers, and many others.  Our services include:


  • Preparation and revision of income tax returns for individuals (PR and US), corporations, partnership, special partnership and non-for-profit organization. 


  • Business volume declaration (Patent)


  • Personal property tax return.


  • Tax planning and consulting.


  • Representation in tax investigation and debt reconciliation for state and federal taxes. 


  • Estate tax reutrns


  • Tax debts negotiation and settlements

Financial Statements


Compilations and reviews of unaudited financial statements in accordance with standards established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Theses reports are commonly prepared for individuals, partnerships and corporations as they may be require by lending financial institutions.



We encourage individuals and businesses for the accuracy and promptness of financial data to better decision making.  This means we are in continuous support for manangement and financial planning. 



  • Establish guidelines on payroll processing and provide outsourcing payroll processing to small business.


  • Preparation of all existing employer's quarterly tax returns (forms 941PR, 499R1B, PR State Unemployment and Disability and Chauffeur Insurance).


  • Annual federal unemployment  tax return (form 940PR).


  • Employee withholding statements and informative return for professional services.


  • Assist in employer's payroll tax deposits for withholding and employer's contribution.



  • Design and implementation of  computer accounting system.


  • Training in QuickBooks computer accounting system. 


  • Record keeping of financial information in computer accounting system.


  • Monthly, quarterly and yearly reports of disbursement registry, management interim financial reports and bank reconciliations.


  • Supervise accounting procedure and management consulting.



  • Committed to the insolvency and restructuring practice for turnarounds and workouts. 


  • Assist in the reorganization procedure under the U.S. Bankruptcy Law. We serve as accountant and financial consultants during all the stage of the procedure. We aim manangement and the legal advisors to an orderly reorganization procedure.


  • As accountant for Chapter 11 Debtors, we provide services to compile financial data to complete the petition and its related schedules, preparation of monthly operating reports, assist in developing internal controls and operating procedures, preparation of exhibits accompanying the Disclosure Statement and Plan of Reorganization, reconciliation and proper classificaiton of claims, negotiations with creditors and litigation support.


  • As accountant for Chaper 7 Estates, we assist the trustee and legal counsel for the estate in the identification of preferential disbursements, avoidance actions to insiders and creditors, liquidation of estate assets, serves as expert witness, preparation of specials reports and analysis, prepare estate tax returns, reconciliation and proper classification of tax claims, and tax investigation and recover tax refund.

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